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Welcome to my blog site

In here I publish articles discussing several topics related to tech. Please understand that even though these articles that I have written here have been thoroughly research, it may be done so base on my inherit bias. Please read my articles with a neutral thought in mind.

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Publish Date Article Name Description
2024-03-17 Getting started with Linux Gaming

Some intermediate pointers that I wrote when gaming on Linux. Written specifically for those asking help in #gamingonlinux and #linux Libera IRC channels.

2024-02-10 The missed opportunity of mobile gaming

(Last updated: 2024-05-04)
Mobile gaming has been a thing for a while now. However, it seems that the potential of mobile gaming has been missed. Let us discuss why.

2023-07-16 Switching someone to Linux

My mother recently had a problem with her personal device I gave to her and she needs a temporary setup. She nor I (even combined) do not have strap cash to purchase a new device right away and I encountered problems with the spare device that I want her to use. Find out how I made her switch to Linux here

2023-03-03 Browser-based games in the modern internet

(Last updated: 2024-05-04)
With such a unique evolution, let us discuss the origins of browser based games and how it developed to what it is now and also to discuss if the changes are a good thing.

2022-12-22 Why video game remakes and remaster are awesome

It is Christmas time again and everyone is enjoying the holidays and preparing for new year. New year, new resolution, new perspective. Regardless I am here to discuss why video game remakes and remasters are awesome and welcomed by many gamers alike.

2022-08-24 What is the appeal of standalone password managers

(Last updated: 2023-01-13)
Browsers have made password managers a common norm these days. However there are many that use standalone password managers. Let us discuss why people still use standalone password managers.

2022-03-13 My opinions about Chrome OS Flex

Google just recently release Chrome OS Flex, a watered-down version of Chrome OS (lacking alot of features like Android emulation) catered towards older computers and more importantly older Chromebooks. Many have claimed how "good" it is, but is it really? Let us discuss.

2022-02-01 Which office suite should I use on Linux?

(Last updated: 2023-06-11)
Although LibreOffice is the common default office suite on many Linux distributions. Some are looking for a better alternative for a variety of reasons. Is LibreOffice enough? Are there better alternatives? Let us discuss.

2021-09-08 The viability of gaming in virtual machines on 2021

(Last updated: 2022-07-23)
Many have asked if playing games in a virtual machine is a worthwhile experience. Let us explore this question with the technology we have in 2021.

2021-07-08 My opinions on Windows 11 hardware requirements

(Last updated: 2021-09-09)
Unfortunately Microsoft went with a new gimmick for this version by implementing hardware requirements for the first time. What is Microsoft planning to achieve? Is it worth it to upgrade hardware just so you can use Windows 11? Let us discuss.

2021-03-27 The state of Linux gaming in 2021

(Last updated: 2024-02-11)
Originally Linux only had a few games a decade ago, how far have we come?

2021-03-16 Using BSNES as a fun way to stress test your machine

Instead of using Prime95, why not use something else as a means to stress test? Is BSNES a reliable way to stress test your machine? Let us find out.

2021-02-11 Is GNU/Linux really insecure?

In this article, I am sharing my insights on an article written by Madaidan, who is a lead developer of Whonix. where in the said article is discussing the security problems Linux has and are those concerns enough for someone to stop using Linux as their daily driver.