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Privacy Policy


This website does not use cookies. This website can operate even if you block cookie access via various of ways, including:

There are cookie auditing sites that offers free scanning services. You are free to use those and submit my site to an audit to assure yourself that this website does not in-fact use cookies.


This website does use Javascript. However the usage of Javascript is entirely optional. This website can operate without using Javascript. This is done by offering the website into two forms:

The Javascript website is the same as the non-javascript website. The only key difference is in the presentation. The Javascript version has animated backgrounds and usage of things such as Jdatatables to provide the user more usability.

All components in the website works with or without Javascript. They just perform better (aesthetic wise) with Javascript enabled.

However I understand that not everyone is a fan of that and are free to peruse the website without Javascript enabled. Take note that the Javascript enabled website will detect if Javascript is disabled and will redirect you to the non Javascript version automatically. Furthermore it will also redirect the user to the non Javascript version base on the following conditions:

If you wish to learn more about how Javascript is used, you are free to visit the source code of this website here.

IP Address

This website does in-fact log your IP address. The first one is, this site uses Cloudflare to efficiently route traffic and bandwidth all across the globe. All web traffic coming to this site gets redirected to Cloudflare and in turn your IP address is then converted to visitor analytics. If you want to learn more about Cloudflare analytics, you may read it here.

Additionally, I have configured the website to have the Cloudflare's bot system turned off. This means that you are freely able to peruse this website even in TOR without the hassle of being captcha'd or blocked by Cloudflare.

The second one is in the blog articles, there is a section at the end of the article stating how many viewers that have read this article. This is done by logging your IP address and the page you have visited that has that function turned on. This is done via PHP and is done in a non-intrusive manner.

IP address is obtained via $_SERVER['HTTP_CLIENT_IP'], $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] and $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] values (which is provided to the server when you connect to my website) and then the function that returns the number of page views will also ask the label (named as $pageName variable) to keep in-track with how many visitors the label has had. The label is provided in the blog page it is activated to (see here for an example.)

IP address is logged as paired with its label and date is keep in track with its activity. If the date recorded is more than a day, it gets its date updated to the latest and will be considered as a unique visitor for the day.

IP addresses whose date is more than 7 days of the current date gets deleted as described on this code section. You are free to inspect the whole function further here.

The IP address logged in here is only use for analytics but is not used in such a way where it can identified back to the user. If you wish, you may connect to this site via TOR as stated earlier or on a VPN. I recommend ProtonVPN in my case, but feel free to use others.

User Identifiable Information

This website does not use or ask any user identifiable information in any way. There is no interaction in the website that asks any information including temporary names that is used in a blog article comment section.

If you wish to submit a comment to my blog articles, you are free to do so via email and are intended to be kept as a private conversation between me and the sender. Comments are only kept on my inbox and will not be published to the article in its raw form (only as edited and paraphrased even).

Furthermore it is impossible to map your email to the logged IP address unless ofcourse you are using your own mail server that is hosted under the same machine that you use to visit this website.

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